Share and Follow buttons are very important to have on your website. But since this summer, it is also possible to add a share-to-WhatsApp  button next to the Facebook and other social media share buttons on your website. If your website has a WhatsApp share button, then iPhone and Android users can privately share your website url in a free and simple way with their friends.

And does it work?

A few large sites in the US have experimented with the WhatsApp sharing button, and have had big results. First, Buzzfeed started using a WhatsApp button on mobile and found that users were using the WhatsApp button more often than the Twitter button! After that, USA Today’s website FTW encountered the same, with WhatsApp getting 18 percent of share-button taps (vs. 13 percent for Twitter, 34 percent for Facebook, and 35 percent for email).

WhatsApp share button for small business websites

Ok, we are talking major websites here, but why not try it on your business website? You will create an easy way for your visitors to privately share an article that they think is interesting, with a friend in a private WhatsApp message. The WhatsApp button will extend the reach of your website, there is no doubt about that.

So what do you think? Will you be having a WhatsApp share button on your site?

By Evelien van ‘t Hoog