Responsive website design or RWD is not a trend anymore. It is here to stay and has become the standard in web design. I hear you say, what the heck is responsive website design and why is it the importance of having a responsive website for my business? Well first for those among you who do not know what responsive web design is, I will explain it as short and simple as possible.

A Better User Experience

Definition of responsive web design: ‘A responsive designed website will adjust its size to multiple mobile devices to increase a better user experience’.

To see responsive web design in action, open this blog post on your desktop computer and slowly make the browser narrower. (If you’re reading this post on a mobile device, you will experience responsive website design as we speak.) You will see that the layout of this website adjust itself to a better fit on the new width of the browser. This will happen on a mobile device also. Here are some screenshots to make it more visual.

Responsive Webdesign Malaga


Responsive Website Design Malaga

One Website, Many Devices

I don’t know about you, but when my working day has finished, you can find me at least five out of seven evenings on the couch with my tablet in hand. I don’t just search for stuff on it, I subscribe to newsletters, and I even buy products or subscribe to services on my tablet. And with me are obviously many, many others, according to Cisco’s prediction: ‘ by the end of 2014, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number (a whopping 7 billion +) of people on earth.’

Take a second and read that last sentence again. Woah, that is a LOT of mobile device users. And statistics show that 28.5% of internet users access the internet through a mobile phone and 6.8% through tablets.

You don’t need to have a degree in astrophysics to conclude that if your business doesn’t have responsive website design, you’re likely going to miss out on a huge amount of potential visitors and clients. It is very simple, when your website design doesn’t adapt to the screens of the mobile device they’re using, they get annoyed and will leave your site in the blink of an eye to look for another more user friendly site. And chances are, that the other website, is the one of your competitor.

But which other benefits are there in having a responsive website design for your business?

Higher Rankings in Google with a Responsive Website

Another benefit to having a responsive website for your business? One word: Google. The ranking of your website in the search result of Google to be precise.

There are several criteria for your website to rank high in Google’s search engine. I will not explain them all in this posts, but an important one is user-experience. Google rankings take a website’s user-experience high into account. For example, if someone is searching on a tablet or other mobile device and clicks on a website link in the Google search results, and finds out it’s not a responsive website, he leaves unhappy and goes elsewhere. Google really does not like unhappy visitors. The result is that the bounce rate of the website increases and the site will not come up in the mobile search results anymore.

Another advantage of having a responsive site is that Google gives you the label ‘mobile-friendly’ in its search results when your your website is mobile-friendly. You can test if Google considers your site to be mobile-friendly by using their testing tool.

Google Mobile Friendly Tool

This is a clearly a great advantage if you want to attract the ever increasing number of people who are searching for websites using their mobile devices. People searching on a mobile device will prefer to visit a website labeled ‘mobile-friendly’ rather than visiting one without this label. Which can result in more traffic to your website from this group of users!

Do you want to see if your website passes Google’s criteria for Mobile Friendly-ness? You can test it here. Do you want to see what your website looks like on mobile devices? You can check that here.

Is your business’s website ready for 2015? Or do you need some help to spruce it up? Please contact us if you need any help, we would be happy to help you!

By Evelien van ‘t Hoog