In 2009 an ambitious entrepreneur wanted to launch his new company into the market the right way. He recognized the importance of a good positioning and a strong brand. The company’s services were twofold. It helped organizations to find and claim surplus payments of social security premiums. Also it helped organizations to find and claim relevant grants. Social securities and grants alike are complex areas of expertise with a quagmire of rules and regulations. In the eyes of many this is a boring subject matter. In the Dutch market this is a relatively unique but unknown service with only a few providers.


Develop a business and brand positioning so this boring and complex subject matter becomes more understandable and sexier. The latter with future employees in mind to whom this organization and its services has to appeal. Also develop a company name and company logo and marketing materials.

Role & Result

Dots ‘n Ink coached the entrepreneur with his vision, mission and strategy development. The business and subsequently the branding positioning were developed based on the values the entrepreneur strived for in his professional as well as his personal life. This path was chosen because a founder makes an enormous mark on the culture of an organization. As a service provider its organizational culture is the foundation of its corporate brand.

KincaidFisher became the name of the organization with the brand promise that they know where to find the money. The company name and logo find their origins in treasure hunting. Their tagline: KincaidFisher knows where the money is.

Subsequently Dots ‘n Ink developed all business cards, product leaflets, letterhead, envelopes, information folder, as well as the website.