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We are an online marketing agency for startups, small and medium size businesses. We are your partner in solving your marketing problems and answering your marketing questions. We help you grow your business with well thought out strategies and tactics.

How we do things

Action Planning

Online Marketing Agency on the Costa del Sol

Dots ’n Ink Marketing & Media is an online marketing agency on the Costa del Sol, Spain and in The Netherlands, with clients worldwide. That means that we can provide a range of marketing services and as a client you can choose to let us develop you strategy and handle its execution and everything in between, and after.

It starts by the client telling us either a problem they face or a goal they want to reach. We then ask the hard questions no one else asks. Just to make sure that our client is on the right track. After all, it makes no sense to put a band aid on a broken leg.

After analyzing the situation, even for seemingly small projects, we strategize. Strategy is all about outlining how we get from A to B; A being the current situation and B being the desired state of being. Strategy is then translated into an action plan which adds time and budget to the mix. 

The action plan is executed by developing marketing tools, buying media, organizing events, whatever is needed and dictated by the strategy.

We like to evaluate the effectiveness of what we developed in cooperation with our clients and tweak where possible. Be it adding changes to a website or its SEO or to a long running advertising campaign. Successes we celebrate!

Of course we do not have to be your one-stop-marketing-shop. You can hire us to do a part of this process. Like developing a brand strategy, building your website, a direct mail promotion, or design your logo.

We like to work with clients who have ambition and vision. And in order to provide them with the best service possible we continuously educate ourselves on a range of business and marketing topics and work with freelance specialists.

Marketing is everything<br>and everything is marketing.
Pepita Bos

Marketing is everything
and everything is marketing.

Regis McKenna

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It's kind of fun to do<br>the impossible.
Evelien van 't Hoog

It's kind of fun to do
the impossible.

Walt Disney

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We are always looking for stellar freelancers helping us deliver outstanding quality marketing advice and execution to our clients. So please feel free to contact us with your portfolio.

Let's grow your business together.