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Choosing Your Clients, Building Your Brand

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Why a Website Should be Your First Choice For an Online Presence

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Building Your Customer Database Offline

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Google Analytics Referrer Spam

Referrer Spam in Google Analytics

Last year I had to check out a client´s Google Analytics in order to see…

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criteria for selecting customers

8 Criteria to Help You Select Your Customers

As a starting business owner or a business owner in tough economic times you may…

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Happy Customers

5 Mistakes Not to Make If You Want Happy Customers

When I woke up this morning at 7 and I turned on my computer, the…

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Positioning Costa del Sol

Why Any Business Needs Positioning

This week I realized this is my 25th year working in marketing. I love it…

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Target Markets Dots n Ink

Marketing Rule #1: Know Your Customer

The absolute number one marketing rule for any type of business is ‘Know thy customer’!…

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Best Marketing Costa del Sol

Good Authenticity, Bad Authenticity

A decade or so ago, the concept of authenticity in relation to business, people, and…

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Responsive Website Design Costa del Sol

The importance of having a Responsive Website

Responsive website design or RWD is not a trend anymore. It is here to stay…

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Help with Marketing Costa del Sol

Budgeting Marketing For Your Small Business

As a small business owner you probably do not have the budget that large companies…

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Whatsapp Share Button Important for your Website

Whatsapp Button: A Way of (Private) Sharing

Share and Follow buttons are very important to have on your website. But since this…

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Networking Tips from the Best

Networking Lessons Learned: Always pay it forward

When I attended business school Nyenrode in The Netherlands, time and time again the importance…

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