One of the first things I look at when hiring a supplier or in general when looking at a business I have some kind of interest in, is the About Us section of the website.

What amazes me time and again, however, is how impersonal these About Us sections often are. Often something is said about the business or the products. Often a non-descript building is shown and then that is it. Nothing about the Big Idea behind the company, nothing about the people, no faces, no engaging stories. Many times the About Us, is not about the people behind or in the business.

About Us, About People

Especially businesses who deliver services, are about the people in the business. They are the face of the business. They are the person the client deals with. And they are the people who have to deliver on the promise of the business. Whatever that promise is.

An organization is nothing but a collection of people with a shared goal. Without the people the organization is nothing. So any business really is as good as the people in it.

Things to Think About When Writing Your About Us

Include your name in the About Us. This sounds obvious but to many anonymous business owners it is not.

Use a photograph because people want to know what you look like. Don’t make it too laidback. If you have to choose between using your LinkedIn profile pic or your Facebook mug shot, use the first one. Assuming you are using a professional looking picture on your LinkedIn profile that is…

Write about you, but in such a way that the reader knows what is in it for them when they work with you or hire you. Craft it like an interesting story, but do not make it too long. You do not want to bore people for one, and secondly you want to show people that you are respectful of their time. Use a tone of voice that shows your personality and matches your business brand. Link to your relevant social media profiles so people can follow you or find additional information.

When the business is just you, don’t write about US or WE, just write about YOU and I. Don’t pretend to be something you are not.

If you find it hard to write about yourself (I know I do) hire a good copywriter to do it for you. It is worth the investment and you can find good copywriters on Elance.

A Good About Us Builds Trust

When you have a well written About Us it will be a first step in building trust in the relationship that could possible follow.

How does your About Us measure up?

By Pepita Bos