Planning your content for your Facebook page makes life a lot easier than if you have to come up with something on the spur of the moment.

My friend Dennis Yu from BlitzMetrics pointed me in the direction of this handy guide to set up an editorial calendar for Facebook by Marketo. It is a simple way to approach your content with Google Calendar and daily themes.

I have heard people say not to work with recurring themes, but I think you should make it easy on yourself. I know from experience that if I do not plan my content, I keep on running behind. Besides, I believe there is more than one way to skin a cat. Keeping it simple, really works here. And after you have used this system you can always tweak it. And if you planned for a post, but something really newsworthy and important comes up, just switch it around.


So how do I do it?

  1. I plan themes for each day. I used to do this in Excel, but this week switched to Google Calendar.
  2. I write and plan content a week ahead and make sure it supports my core business en beliefs.
  3. If I need to brainstorm I will do this with mindmap software. I use Freemind, which is indeed free.
  4. I tie it in with any product marketing activities I have running.
  5. I schedule the posts in Facebook with the Facebook scheduler.

There are a couple of tricks I have for coming up with content and keeping track of it:

I have set up sources for where I get my content. My most important sources are:

  • People or pages on Facebook or people on LinkedIn.
  • Blogs and magazines I read.
  • Newsletters I am subscribed to.
  • Google Alerts.

I keep track of ideas as follows:

  • I have made a notebook for every daily theme in Evernote. If you do not use Evernote to store notes, use whatever works for you, or check out Evernote.
  • Whenever I read something that is interesting and could be used for a post on Facebook on a later date, I store it in the relevant Evernote notebook.
  • Of course there are interactions with people on- and offline that inspire me to think and write on certain topics. I put this in Evernote as well.

Of course this way of planning your content works for other social media or your blog, really any content platform, as well.

Any tips you want to share?

By Pepita Bos