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Just another day at the office and you wish you had someone who could give you some marketing help. You have a small business to run. You have choices to make, products to sell, a website to upgrade, connections to make.

Marketing help

Small business often do not have their own marketing manager and you as an entrepreneur have to be a jack-of-all-trades anyway. You have to be accountant, marketing consultant, logistics manager, secretary, tea lady, and you may have to walk the dogs between sales calls, and wooing your latest big client. All at the same time!

And since you can do a lot yourself, but not everything, you may want some marketing help every now and then to give your business that much needed boost. Because even though all functions within a business are important, if the marketing of your business is not done right, you may as well stop right now.

Marketing questions you face

Marketing isn’t limited to promotion. Marketing is all about choosing which clients you want to serve, which products or services you want to sell, and how the products will actually be bought by your target audience. Marketing is about strategic choices with regard to how to distribute your product, but also on pricing, and what kind of people you should hire as an employee. Marketing is everything and everything is marketing!

So you could need marketing help with:


·        How to name your business or a product

·        Which market segments to target

·        Which products or services you should offer

·        How you should position your business

·        Which product-market combinations are the most profitable

·        How to build your (personal) brand

·        If you should use social media in your business

·        Evaluating new product development

·        How to set up content marketing

·        Checking if your website is set up as the marketing platform it should be

·        How your business could profit from online marketing


Or really any marketing challenge your business faces and you need help with to skyrocket your business. English or Dutch spoken.

Pick My Brain Marketing Consult

In all those cases where you could use some marketing help we at Dots ‘n Ink are happy to share our marketing expertise.

During the marketing consult – which normally takes 90 minutes – we discuss the challenge your business is facing. We will answer the marketing questions you have and give you advice on how to proceed. You can do one marketing consult or do a series. It is up to you and what marketing help you need and when.

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Pepita Bos, our marketing and branding strategist will be your personal marketing expert who will provide the solutions to your marketing challenges.

Pepita holds several degrees, in business administration and marketing, and has more than 25 years of experience working in marketing.


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How does the marketing consult work?

We do the marketing consults via Skype or at our office in Malaga city.  Arranging it is easy:

You fill out the fields at the top of this page, or contact us via any of the contact options and we will get in touch with you.

So if you need our help boosting your business, please contact us now. 

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