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We help small business do BIG business.

We are a full-service marketing agency for small and medium size businesses.
We are your partner in solving your marketing problems and answering your marketing questions. We help you grow your business with well thought out strategies and tactics.

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Dots 'n Ink Marketing & Media is a full-service marketing agency.
We come up with solutions for our clients and things we do really well are:


Strategic Fit
Personal Branding
Internal Branding
Integrated Marketing Communication
Services Marketing
International Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Change Implementation


Corporate Identity Design
Logo Design
Tagline Development
Graphic Design
Print Buying
Direct Mail
Print Ads
Brochures, Flyers & Folders
Marketing Training
Marketing Consult
Social Media Training


Web Design & Development (from brochure sites to marketing platforms)
Web Shop Design & Development
Hosting Services
Backup Service

On-site SEO
Email Newsletters
Media Buying
Facebook Advertising
SEO/Online Copywriting
Visual Social Media Identities

We make beautiful websites that work.

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? But not all websites are created equal. We build websites that work from a technical perspective, but also from a marketing perspective. They actually do get you clients, if you let us work our marketing mojo. The websites we make can be viewed on mobile devices and Google loves them. Of course our sites look great and are what we call ‘on brand’.

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Pepita Bos

Pepita Bos

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Evelien van 't Hoog

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Let us help you skyrocket your business

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